Can CesiumJS and React-native work together on IOS?

I wanna make a Map App for IOS.
I’ve been thinking about the technology stack for a few days and finish some sample code by react-native & cesiumJS. And I asle try the Combination of ionic-react & cesiumJS. But the result is not good.
cesiumJS can not work when I run my code on IOS.
:zap: [error] - {“name”:“DeveloperError”,“message”:"Unable to determine Cesium base URL automatically, try defining a global variable called CESIUM_BASE_UR
I can fix this error in webpack, but it can not work on IOS even if it can work well in the browser.

Dose CesiumJS only work in the browser?

Hi Zachary,

I think some previous apps have had success using CesiumJS in an embedded webview within React Native.