Standalone Cesium on iOS?

Would it be possible to run Cesium offline on an iPad with a local map data source?
Are there any iOS application development frameworks that would assist with that?

Thanks for any thoughts.

Hi Greg,

We’ve done something similar with a desktop application using a library called Electron (blog post), I assume you can take some of those concepts and use it in a framework for iOS. I know you can include web view components on iOS in frameworks like React Native. Make sure you have your imagery and other data configured to run offline, see our Offline Guide for more info on getting that configured.



I’ve done it, but it’s not cheap…

Thank you Gabby!

Thanks TJ, did you use the Electron library that Gabby mentioned?


No, Electron doesn’t run on iOS. You can use Apache Cordova and a special build of Cesium. My company is working on a paid product with this as a base.

Thanks TJ. Is there an obvious performance gain drawing data when running offline?

Depends on the data, but generally yes.

TJ reminded me, we do have a blog post on getting Cesium set up with Cordova as well!

Yup, follow that and you have the basics!