Is there a way to use Cesium 3D Tiles offline?

Let’s say I have some 3D-Tiles on my tablet and I want to view them in Cesium without access to internet. Is this possible without creating a local server?

What I would want is a native application on my iPhone that has a WebView inside of it that would load my html and cesium locally.

Thanks for the infos

Hi all,

I think it may be possible- we have a blog post exploring using Cesium with Cordova to make an offline Android app. I assume there are similar ways to get an application working on iOS. We have a guide for getting Cesium to load default assets without a web connection. If you get something working, we’d love to see it in action!



that is very neat !

Yes, this is absolutely possible on iOS and there are more than a few community members that have built projects this way. Unfortunately I’m not one of them (yet) but hopefully others can chime in with their experiences. The tech stack can vary greatly depending on the approach you take, but general it involves using a webview (as you already alluded to).

There is also a rather ambitious port of Cesium as a native iOS/OSX Metal-based library: but I’m not sure if it’s being actively developed and it definitely doesn’t handle 3D Tiles yet.