Any news about loading Offline 3D Tiles on Mac

i’m trying to create an ios App with Cesium and Unreal Engine 5. I would like to load some 3D Tiles from offline source. The data is stored locally on an IPad. I found in the documentation, that i can’t enter the json files url like on a windows pc (file:///…). But is there any way i can solve that?
Maybe someone knows a way how i can load offline tiles on an ipad. Or maybe anyone knows another way to get a georeferenced planet with terrain and satellite pictures with small offline parts.

The app will be used for a university project.

I think the only way - short of modifying the Cesium for Unreal plugin itself - is to run a local web server on the device. It’s unfortunate that Epic compiles libcurl without support for file URLs on non-Windows devices, but it’s not something we can change.

If you’re willing to take the time to modify the plugin itself, you could try modifying UnrealAssetAccessor to detect file URLs and handle them with direct file system access rather than a call into Unreal’s HTTP library. We’d welcome a pull request for this.