Newbie Question - Offline Content

Good morning community – I have a theoretical concept in mind for a consumer mobile app running on the Unreal Engine along with Cesium. I have a use case, not an edge case, something that will frequently happen i.e. Limited or NO 4g/5g Data Network or Wifi, so the consumer will NOT be able to Stream datasets while the APP is in use however they will have a GPS signal available to them via the phone. I am therefore wondering IF it is at all possible to download an entire 3d georeferenced WGS84 map from Cesium via a private network and store offline ready for use? I’m just navigating the resources available on Cesium, so if there is any reference material I can be pointed to, that would be great.

Hello @Warren_Truss, welcome to the forum!

You can load datasets completely offline, provided they are present on a local machine or network. However, downloading assets from Cesium ion is not currently possible. If you are interested in creating your own global WGS84 maps for offline use, you may want to reach out to our sales team to understand the options available - such as the offline asset tiler. You can send a message to the sales team here.