Offline usage of Cesium Unreal


We are currently working on a project that requires offline GIS capabilities. Our platform of choice is Unreal Engine, and we plan to visualize maps using Cesium for Unreal.

For our project, we need to set up an independent map server. We are considering the following options for our data sources:

  1. Is it feasible to download data from Cesium and store it locally for offline use?
  2. Alternatively, we can utilize other data sources.

Regarding hosting, we are exploring these options:

  1. Using GeoServer or MapServer.
  2. Is there a specific Cesium server we can use?

I have come across some previous discussions on this topic, but I’m still unclear about the best approach to take.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Berkant_Akin,

If you’re familiar with Cesium ion, our cloud-hosted SaaS platform, we currently have an on-prem version you can use within your own environment. You can also license Cesium World Terrain and Sentinel-2 imagery from us for offline use.

However, in early December we’re planning to ship support for self-hosted Cesium ion. This integrates with Kubernetes and allows you to use Cesium ion offline and/or within a private cloud more flexibly. I’m happy to bump this thread with an update when self-hosted Cesium ion is shipped!

@janine it is great to hear this news. But how can i use on-prem version , it there a tutorial ?

The self-hosted documentation is here:

There’s a significant update to the self-hosted product coming soon, so this documentation doesn’t reflect all that will (shortly) be available. Stay tuned.

Hi, janine ,where can we apply for self-hosted Cesium ion ?

You can reach out to our sales team: