Newbie question("off line" usage etc) :

1st of all, thank you for Cesium.

to be very straightforward:
I am in the UnrealEditor: I create a level, load Cesium, and have a nice base to begin a terrain .

From here I would like:

To select a geolocation polygon and display only the area I need, let say NYC … .
that is done .

Now I would like to save this area , and be able to use it without loading Cesium again.
so my final binary wont need to access your servers, that benefits “me” and “you” .

  1. is it possible ?
  2. is it “free” ? (ps: “money” is not really the issue, this is only informative for my “agenda”) …


That is currently not possible. Aside from the technical challenges (even a single city can be a truly enormous amount of data), there are legal challenges (this is a violation of the terms of use of most data providers). We hope to make this sort of thing possible in the future, but don’t have a timeframe for it.

So is it :

game or application for example, using Cesium, that has access to the “geo” data, by pulling data from the Cesium platforms , aka at run time …

basically, can we use Cesium out of the UE editor in anyway ? on an application made in/by the editor of UE with the Cesium plugin ?

am I describing Cesium ION self hosting ?

Cesium for Unreal can stream data into a shipped game at runtime, just as it does into the Editor.