Can CesiumJS work without Cesium Ion??

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I want to confirm if CesiumJS can work without Cesium Ion. Is Cesium Ion a paid platform or free? If CesiumJs can not work standalone and need Cesium Ion then do we have other alternative as Cesium Ion is a paid service

Cesium ion is free to use if you’re using it for non-commercial use and don’t exceed the usage limits here:

It’s also not required either. You can load your own data sources in CesiumJS outside of Cesium ion. What kind of project are you using Cesium for?

No, I am using it for commercial use. I have shared a project requirement below. And also tell me if there any other alternative for cesium ion. I will be highly appreciated.

This project requires to build a Web portal to accept 3D models as input and convert it to a tilemap

undersea topography using an open-source (non-GPL) solution to render the underwater topology

on a web page.

You do not need Cesium Ion to use Cesiumjs. and you don’t need to pay for CesiumJs. But, without Ion, you can’t use some Imagery/Terrain provider and can’t load assets any assets from Ions, so you will have to find or make the providers by yourself.