Can the example system avoid being disturbed by the clock?

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Through the particle system I did a simulation of the effects of wind movements. Its source code is similar to the official snowing example( But with the clock, it will be affected. Particle animation becomes very fast and particles stop after the time is over. The official snowing example is also affected. Can the particle system avoid the influence of clock?

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      var start = Cesium.JulianDate.fromDate(new Date(2018, 2, 22, 16));
        var stop = Cesium.JulianDate.addSeconds(start, 1500, new Cesium.JulianDate());
        viewer.clock.startTime = start.clone();
        viewer.clock.stopTime = stop.clone();
        viewer.clock.currentTime = start.clone();
        viewer.clock.clockRange = Cesium.ClockRange.CLAMPED;
        viewer.clock.multiplier = 100;
        viewer.timeline.zoomTo(start, stop);

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Hi there,

Thing in Cesium like animations and simulations are tied to the time. In the update function the second parameter dt is the change in time. You can scale your updates according to that value to make the particles move at the rate you’d like. However, if simulation time is not advancing, the particles will not update.