Can you load data GeoTIFF (file .tif) from S3 url

Hey guys,

We’re using IonImageryProvider to load file .tif via assetId in Ion Cesium. Like that:

const layer = viewer.imageryLayers.addImageryProvider(
  new Cesium.IonImageryProvider({ assetId: '12345' })

But, I want to load file .tif via S3 url, because I don’t want upload file .tif to Cesium Ion.
I cannot find the solution for this problem
I need your help. Please.


Cesium ion cannot consume raw TIFF tiles directly as it could easily overload the system resources. This is the main reason that geospatial data is tiled for streaming over the web.

If the image is small enough, you can convert it to a PNG or JPG and use the SingleTileImageryProvider - Cesium Documentation.


@ Shehzan_Mohammed
Thanks you so much,
I also converted it to PNG, and use SingleTileImageryProvider
But SingleTileImageryProvider need the rectangle to draw this image.

How can I get the rectangle from the file .tif ?

You can use a tool like QGIS or GDAL to get the extents from a GeoTIFF.