Cannot build on Windows 10

I am trying to use Resium on Windows 10. I have followed all of the steps shown on Installation | Resium for create-react-app and Vite. I always get errors that prevent the app to start. The Vite example ends with “That’s all” But does not tell how to run the app / scripts. I am a long time coder (thick Client) but new to Thin client. While I understand you cannot hold our hands it would be nice to have a basic globe example that has complete instructions that works on all target systems

You could see this:

Maybe reason is the version? CRA now is version 5 and craco is not supported yet. My example use CRA4.

Thank you for your reply. I am able to get a basic example up and I could yarn build.’

Using the example how can we get access to the Viewer? We normally turn off the timeline and animation.
I tried the script shown below. It did not egive any errors s but it did not appear to work either


import { Viewer, Scene } from ‘resium’

function App() {
return (

timeline: false,
animation: false,

) }

export default App

This code has problem, the App component should return a react component.

As for viewer instance, read this:

And I suggest that you should know it further before you make a decision to use resium, especially it abstracts cesium which is a huge, complex library and most of its API is imperative.