Are there any developers here with experience in resium

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I’m building a big app all based on react and resium. i’m getting trouble with the 3D tilesset. the component’s url doesnt receive anything and nothing happens in the component. i see the viewer but none of the dunctions are fired from the Cesium3Dtileset component.

looked for solutions in webpack and didnt find any.

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const tileSet = () => {

const ref = useRef(null);




onAllTilesLoad={(…args) => console.log(“onAllTilesLoad”, …args)}

onInitialTilesLoad={(…args) => console.log(“onInitialTilesLoad”, …args)}

onTileFailed={(…args) => console.log(“onTileFailed”, …args)}

onTileLoad={(…args) => console.log(“onTileLoad”, …args)}

onTileUnload={(…args) => console.log(“onTileUnload”, …args)}

onReady={tileset => {

console.log(“onReady”, tileset);






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Did you get any help with this yet?

Nope. Not yet

בתאריך יום ה׳, 8 ביולי 2021, 12:11, מאת Pontus Nilsson via Cesium Community ‏<>:

So you are importing your component inside the viewer and nothing fires?

No. My problem is with destroying the viewer, models and primitives. I allways get an error which crashes my app.
The models are created by resium Model component.
In general. I combign resium and cesiums javascript so i trying to find the right way to leave the cesium enviroment without getting any errors

בתאריך יום ה׳, 8 ביולי 2021, 12:31, מאת Pontus Nilsson via Cesium Community ‏<>:

What error is it? so you are destroying the viewer with viewer.destroy() ? In general i use resium components and for the code and functions i use the viewer variable that you create. Not sure i can help you but will try.

yes. this is exacly how i use resium too. i attached the error.
I think it happens because the viewer is destroyed and then a functionality is called in the Model component in it. which i know doesnt make sense because the model component is inside the viewer compoment. so i tried “viewer.pimitives.removeAll” before destroying the viewer and that doesnt help.
Can you share the right way to close a Resium environment with Model components inside it?

I dont know the right way to close a Resium environment with Model components inside it.

In my head this should work:

const App = ( ) => {
  let viewer = null;
  handleDestroy = () => {
    if (viewer) {

  return (
  <Viewer ref={e => { viewer = e ? e.cesiumElement : null; }}>
    <button onClick={handleDestroy}>Destroy!</button>

But i doubt this will work if you have more resium components inside the viewer already.

I did some research i didn’t find much but maybe this could help you a bit:

Thank you. i managed to do a work arround. i first remove all the Models components and then destroy. sothe errors are gone:)

Nice! :slight_smile: