Cannot upload files in Unreal

The Unreal Engine’s Cesium plug-in requires JSON format to be imported.
The end result of Cesium’s 3D pipe line was not in JSON format.

  1. What can we do with this? Can someone show us some examples where you used the outcomes of using 3D pipe-line?

  2. Why can we use it directly to the Unreal Engine? or can we even use it directly?

  3. Can we import the outcome in JSON format with your 3D pipe-line?

  4. Can you tell us the reason why it does not work in the Cesium plug-in for Unreal Engine?

Hello @SamwooIM, welcome to the forum.

Can you share more information about the original data format that you were trying to import? In particular, what was the file extension of the data before you tiled it with the Cesium 3D Tiling pipeline?

JSON vector data such as GeoJSON (Polygons, points, lines, etc) is not currently supported in Cesium for Unreal, though you may be able to import it using other tools. This data does not get tiled at all, but it can be uploaded to Cesium ion for use in CesiumJS applications.