Can't hide entity label more than once


In the bus monitoring application I’m working on, I added the option to select a specific route. That will show the routing on the map as a polyline and show only entities associated with that route. T ode that, I’m hiding all the entities that don’t belong to that route (using = false). This works the first time I do it - however, if I later unhide these and try to hide them again, the points are hidden but not the labels. I also tried hiding the label specifically (i.e. using = false), and the same thing happens.

This occurs on both Safari and Chrome - any idea what might be causing this? If this is a bug, how might I be able to work around it?


Hi Tim,

What version of Cesium are you using? This sounds like a bug that we just fixed in the 1.27 release. Update to the newest release and let me know if you are still seeing that problem.



The new release fixes the problem - thanks!