Cartesian is required (1.36+)

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After upgrading Cesium to 1.36, I began to receive an error message when creating a new polygon. It does not happen when I roll Cesium back to 1.35.

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Cesium.js:224913 An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped.
DeveloperError: cartesian is required.
    at new DeveloperError (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:540:19)
    at scaleToGeodeticSurface (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:7204:19)
    at Ellipsoid.scaleToGeodeticSurface (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:8063:16)
    at scaleToSurface (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:44345:38)
    at computeRectangle (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:44994:21)
    at new CorridorGeometry (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:45110:27)
    at Function.CorridorGeometry.createShadowVolume (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:45311:16)
    at GroundPrimitive.update (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:109434:45)
    at PrimitiveCollection.update (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:201267:27)
    at updatePrimitives (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:209954:33)
    at executeCommandsInViewport (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:209816:13)
    at updateAndExecuteCommands (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:209679:13)
    at render (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:210160:9)
    at Scene.render (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:210199:13)
    at CesiumWidget.render (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:224960:25)
    at render (cesium/Build/CesiumUnminified/Cesium.js:224356:32)

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Not environment specific. Occurs in latest Chrome, FF, and Edge on Win10.


Could you provide a short code sample so we can pinpoint why this error is being thrown?



I have the same error: DeveloperError: cartesian is required when I get the globe center position.

在 2017年9月6日星期三 UTC+8上午7:59:35,jub…@gmail.com写道:

Just responded to your question here:!topic/cesium-dev/ZiKN1yQkVlE

Feel free to follow up there!