Cartographic Polygons

Hi Kevin, thank you for your reply, I will check GitHub records, but I download the latest version 2.0.0 from GitHub to replace the old version in the ue plug-in, which can normally crop oblique photography, but when the camera is zoomed close to the cropping area, the data outside the cropping range will still be cropped out, and the ue engine is 5.2.3. Did I miss something? This is the version I downloaded: CesiumForUnreal

Tiles disappearing when you zoom in close are usually caused by incorrect bounding volumes in your tileset. Perhaps start a new thread with more details of the problem, including what tileset you’re using and how it was created.

Actually, re-reading your post, that’s probably not the problem. But I’m not really clear on what you’re seeing, so please describe it in more detail - screenshots and videos help a lot - if you’re still having trouble.

@Kevin_Ring For large complex sites it can take a long time to draw Cartographic Polygons inside UE. Are you aware of a tool that can import a shapefile or other vector file type and convert it into a cartographic polygon?

I’m not aware of such a tool. But the polygons can be created from C++ or Blueprints, so writing such a tool probably wouldn’t be terribly difficult.

@Albracht - I create custom CP’s at run time from a JSON file. You can probably adapt that (if it’s any help): Custom Cesium Cartographic Polygon from Spline? - #2 by jdh2550