Cartographic polygon question

Is there a function in cesium that does the opposite of the cartographic polygon. I don’t need to cut out a tile, I need to isolate a tile. Basically, I don’t need the whole world and would rather not have that getting rendered, I just need a couple of tiles. Is there anything that would allow that? Thanks.

I actually found the invert selection check box on the raster overlay so this much is solved, however I noticed my Cartograpic polygon is much larger than the tile that was hidden. how do I get the two to match?

Hi @Chris_Murphy,

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, what versions of Cesium for Unreal and Unreal Engine are you using? We included some fixes for cartographic polygons in Cesium for Unreal v2.0, so I’m hoping that this could also be resolved by those changes.

If you’re hesitant to upgrade to a new major version, you can make a backup of your project before upgrading.

I’m using Cesium v1.31.1 and Unreal 5.2 I will try upgrading the Cesium plugin.

Has the update been pushed to the Unreal store? The documentation on the store page still says v 1.31.1. I also have never seen an option to update the plugin there.

The product page was outdated, I’ve just updated it to say v2.0.0. You can check your plugin version by going to Edit → Plugins → Geospatial in the Editor.