Cesium Unity, Cartographic Polygons Hide Everything

Hello, I am trying to use cartographic Polygon, i follow the steps from the tutorials.

  1. I have created the cartographic polygon.
  2. I added the Polygon Raster Overlay in the OSM Buildings
  3. I check the box Exclude Selected Tiles

As a result every OSM Buiding dissapears. Anyone else encountered this issue? Is it a material issue if so how to handle it?
Thanks in Advance.

Hi @mikkef, welcome to the community!

I’m sorry that you’re having trouble with the plugin. Could you share with us:

  • What versions of the Unity Editor and Cesium for Unity are you using?
  • Please include a screenshot of your Scene Hierarchy, your Cesium Cartographic Polygon, and your Cesium Polygon Raster Overlay.

Thank you!