Cesium Cartographic Polygons not visible/editable

Have a very large project visualization that is using up to ten Cesium Cartographic Polygons to crop out areas of the Cesium Tiles I need to hide. While this cropping is taking place correctly, I’ve seemed to have lost my ability to see (thus modify) my existing Polygon boundaries. I can select them in my Outliner, but still not seeing the polygons and or grip points. Also, I’m able to create new Cartographic Polygons, but they two are not visible. If I start a new UE5 project, they are visible as expected. Any suggestions?

Hello @TSCApps.

Cartographic Polygons may be hidden if game icons are hidden in the viewport. It’s possible this might have been toggled accidentally. Try clicking on your viewport and pressing the “g” key on your keyboard - let me know if this helps.