Cartographic Polygon Exclude 3D Tile Inside not working

Nice tutorial but not working Exclude titles inside, please help with this problem


Hi @zidekk2, I moved your question to a new topic, since it’s a new question.

What is the effect you’re looking to achieve in your screenshot below? Are you trying to hide the building?

I have checked Exclude titles inside polygon but building is still there.

In unreal i dont know how to hide selected building. Maybe you can help me…

I tried before experimental function in unreal as Exclusion Zones defined by S,N,E,W area but exclude too much buldings, not only one building.

I see, thank you for clarifying!

The cartographic polygon has to be applied per tileset, so the tileset that the building is from also needs a Polygon Raster Overlay component in order to be hidden by the polygon. The settings can be the same as they are on the CesiumPolygonRasterOverlay component on Cesium World Terrain.
If you want to do this quickly, you can right click on the CesiumPolygonRasterOverlay on Cesium World Terrain and copy the component, then paste the component onto the Cesium OSM buildings tileset.

thanks for fast answer with solution, its working partially, but for my is acceptable solution :slight_smile: I try later increase size of polygon and then building will be erased i hope…

I increased polygon its not tight to wall of building but is acceptable space :slight_smile:

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the next problem that after remove building with polygon, building is still there only invisible and generate collision, i must remove collision from all OSM buildings? like this?

OSM building removed by polygon but invisible still create collision and it is not possible to enter building…

please exist some solutions?


Hi @zidekk2,

Unfortunately the cartographic polygon does not impact physics. You could disable generation of physics meshes on the tileset if you never need to collide with OSM buildings, that would be the easiest way. However, if you need collision with OSM buildings to remain, you may want to look into creating a custom blueprint that detects when the player is near the building, and then disables collision. This page might be a good place to start: Collision Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation