Celestrak - New Cesium App

We created a satellite pass visibility app:


It’s in beta, feedback welcome.


Mind if I ask what imagery you used for the skybox? Nice work!

It’s a custom map created for us by Southern Skies.

Awesome. Looks beautiful!

  • Might be better if the icon for selecting position from the map was more of a crosshair.
  • What does “CUL” mean?
  • Spatial context for observing, especially elevation angle, is lost when I click on a pass since only the sky is showing. Could make sure horizon is showing at lower elevation angles.
  • Target name should probably be shown in the table.
  • Although I now see that only Starlink spacecraft are being shown. Perhaps I’m just missing the context where Starlink-* was chosen for display.

CUL is short for ‘Culmination’, the highest elevation during that pass, making it potentially the best possible time to view.

The Starlink-only param is in the URL.

Thanks for the other inputs!