Yet another satellite tracking web app

I’m sure that there are a million and one versions of this kind of thing, but a couple of months ago I took the notion to put together a little satellite tracking web-app. I’ve posted about it in these forums before to get a little assistance with a performance issue that was driving me nuts (thanks again for that!), but since it’s at what I could get away with saying is in a ready-ish state now, I thought I’d throw it up here.

Find Satellites

At present it shows 76 satellites from a NASA feed, and all the Starlinks that are available from the Celestrak TLE data. I’ve manually looked up all of the satellites provided and created representative icons for each one, rather than the usual coloured dot or generic satellite icon. If anything new comes in through the feed, it’ll just default to a Telstar graphic.

When you select a satellite, you should see any description I’ve been able to find, along with live lat / long / altitude details, and the time until it’s next in your line of sight if it isn’t currently but will be over the next couple of hours.

You can view from space as per the default, but also switch to an Earth-centric view based on your location (you can manually set your location using the little down arrow button if you’re not able / willing to provide location info through your device.

I’ve tried to go for a UI / layout that works equally well on a desktop or mobile device, and it’s worked so far on everything I’ve been able to get it tested on… Any feedback welcome, of course. Thanks for reading! There are more words to read on view the “website” link at the top right of the app too.