Google Earth Satellite Tracking

just stumbled over this:

This project is designed to provide a Python based solution to satellite tracking in Google Earth.

If you’re interested in this, you might want to check the below KMZ I put together a few years ago. It tracks the entire space catalog in real-time using Google Earth (>10,000 satellites, updates every 30 seconds). You can click on each satellite and see the info and generate orbit tracks. While it’s pretty impressive, it shows just how poorly Google Earth deals with time-dynamic objects, or objects far from the earth (Which ended up our prime motivation for inventing CZML)

It’s backed by a .NET web-app on the back-end. It uses STK Components, one of the commercial SDKs a few of us work on at AGI. We still don’t have all of the features of this KMZ in Cesium (like balloon pop-ups) but it’s something I’m still heading towards. I can provide the source if anyone’s interested, but it does ultimately depend on a commercial SDK.


Thanks for sharing this! I see so many kmls and kmz floating around the net but very few open source projects with the code. My goal is to make the entire pipeline free, so that others can extend it.

Joseph Armbruster

Hi Matthew,

I noticed the kmz does not seem to be working at this time. Is there a way to still view the satellites in Google Earth?



Here’s a demo using Cesium instead of Google Earth: