Cesium 1.16 release

Hi everyone,

We’re starting the Cesium 1.16 release. It will be out later today.


Cesium 1.16 is now available with a bunch of new features including fog, terrain exaggeration, and videos on materials.




What about 3d tiles

they omited this part!!!

3D tiles is a huge development (and specification) effort that is still several months away from being part of an official release, but we’re certainly glad to see everyone so excited about them :slight_smile:

Of course the best part of open source is that you can check out all of the work going on in the 3d-tiles branch and start playing with them before they are ready for master.

Hi guys!

One of the changes in 1.16 is related to 3D models loading:

  • Added support for incrementally loading textures after a Model is ready. This allows the Model to be visible as soon as possible while its textures are loaded in the background.
    We still want to make models visible only when their textures are loaded, as it was in previous releases. Did you provide some backward compatibility option to choose when to show a model?

When creating a model you can set the incrementallyLoadTextures flag to false.

var model = Model.fromGltf({
url: ‘model.gltf’,
incrementallyLoadTextures: false


Hi, Sean!

Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work if I describe a model in CZML packet. I propose this pull request to fix that.


I've tried the terrain exaggeration and it's very useful. But could it change the exaggerated value immediately and the terrain would become steep or gradual in real-time? Thanks a lot~

Right now real-time terrain exaggeration isn’t supported, but our plan is to support it in the future. We are thinking of implementing a shader based approach, but that introduces some complications we haven’t had a chance to get to yet.