cesium 3dtiles with terrain overlay

Dear all

I generate a 3dtiles data into cesium for display, it is normal. But when I overlay stk terrain looks a bit strange. The following screenshot results are waiting all data is loaded. It looks like there is a horizontal tiles in the middle of the data that is not loaded.

Bentley ContextCapture has the same situation, but it is very light and hard to find. I think this is related to 3dtiles source data. But I’m not sure if this is related to all types of tiles data dispatch? How can i solve this problem?

So this only happens when the STK Terrain is enabled? Is the hidden part under the terrain? If it helps you can reply to me directly with a link to a tileset and I can look into it.

Yes, is only STK Terrain, WGS84 Ellipsoid is normal. Looks like not under the terrain, Because the missing data is a regular line. Bentley ContextCapture public data has the same situation: Bently public data . Need to view the camera as far as possible horizontal, back and forth to move the terrain will appear a strange line. My own data to zoom in on this effect.

在 2017年5月19日星期五 UTC+8上午7:36:15,Sean Lilley写道:

My 3d-tiles: marseille

在 2017年5月19日星期五 UTC+8上午7:36:15,Sean Lilley写道:

Downloading now…

Does it seem like it’s related to this: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/4381 ?

Yes, Looks like the same situation. I did the same in the latest version 1.33 test.

在 2017年5月20日星期六 UTC+8上午7:46:15,Sean Lilley写道:

Hi, i have an issue for WGS84. when i move my 3D tiles object, it also moving. So it is not stay still on the position. i think thats because my 3Dtiles is not WGS84. do you know how can i solve this problem?

Hi there, issue #4381 has just been closed and may resolve your problem. Look for the change in the next stable release of Cesium on May 1st, or get it now in the master branch on GitHub https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium.