Cesium and angular


I’ve been trying the cesium x angular guide but can’t make it work. Are there any updates or so I need to be aware of? (Guide is from 2018 - Cesium and Angular – Cesium )


Hello @einarsolbakken :wave:

I am Aristeidis, the author of that article. The article was destined to work with Angular 5 back then. If you want to get a boilerplate project that works with the latest versions of Angular and Cesium, head over to GitHub - Developer-Plexscape/cesium-angular-example: An example application using Cesium with Angular.

I hope that helps :blush:

Hi I did this, tracking live ship traffic 4 years ago.

Angular updated so often that you will be in a world of hurt, running after their updates.

Hopefully this changed by now. Doesn’t sound like it though. :roll_eyes: