Cesium and vector tiles

Hi, I know that there is already some talks about Cesium vector tiles rendering. But as I got the mainstream is focused now on 3d Tiles development.

Non the less I'm trying to get Mapzen Tangram, Mapbox or Wikipedia vector tiles working the way TMS layers works now.

Most of implementations create GL context, add some geometry and then apply vertex, block and other shaders. So to get some of that styles working,
I need to:

1. Find how Cesium pushes geometry to the GL context
2. Find the way, or hook how can I apply my own vertex and block shaders.
3. Hook up more shaders.

Are there any good starting point for such investigation? Maybe somebody already tried to implement some pieces of that work, are there some PR or branches with experiments in that direction?

Hi Dmitry,

3D Tiles will have a vector tile format, you might find that branch useful. Otherwise, check out the Sandcastle examples and QuadtreePrimitive (private API so it may break between releases, etc.).


Also here is a thread related to rendering custom primitives that you might find useful: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/cesium-dev/Ud3wwgk9ZBM/xpM3ug_WBwAJ

Hi Patrick, hi Sean, thank you for yours examples.

Looks like I need some combination of QuadtreePrimitive and Sean’s example.

hi,I also encountered the same problem about Cesium vector tiles rendering, Is it solved now?

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