Cesium application crashed while rendering large geojson and kml

We have an application where we have used cesium js for rendering gis data.
We have hosted our data into cesium ion. Our application can show small geojson and kml data nicely.
But the application crashed while trying to load large geojson and kml files at a time.

Can you help with the issue?

Because GeoJSON files are served “as-is” from Cesium ion, you’ll need to keep them small enough in mass (megabytes) and physical extent so that your application can display the most useful ones at any one time to prevent running out of memory.

Depending on what’s in your KML, you may benefit from tiling them into 3D Tiles assets which would handle the memory management issue for you. GeoJSON cannot be converted to 3D Tiles at this time.

If you characterize your data for us, there might be other options to try.