Cesium at FOSS4G North America

If you plan on attending FOSS4G NA this year, Cozzi and I will be there all week. (And I’ll be giving a Cesium talk on Web Mapping Day).

Here’s a blog post with the details: http://cesiumjs.org/2015/02/08/Cesium-at-FOSS4GNA-2015/

Also, if you plan on going all 4 days but haven’t signed up yet, you can use the code SPKR100 to get $100 off.

Hope to see you there!


At FOSS4G NA, we will also be at the WebGL Geospatial BOF on Monday, March 9. Join us to talk WebGL.



Update: the WebGL Geospatial BOF date and time is still TBA, but it will be during FOSS4G NA. We’ll post here when we know.


Just a reminder that we are at FOSS4G NA this week in San Francisco. If you are around, come say hi. Matt, Todd, and me are here.

Also, Matt’s talk is on Thursday afternoon: http://cesiumjs.org/2015/02/08/Cesium-at-FOSS4GNA-2015/


Have fun guys, good luck for your talk Matt!

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