cesium blackberry support


is there in cesium support for BB10 platform ? I’m trying to run helloworld example on BlackBerry Q-10 ( browser based on documentations hould be webGL compatible ) but
i’m getting:

Error constructing CesiumWidget: Check if WEBGL is enabled.
TypeError: Attempted to assign to readonly property.



Hi Matus,

At a WebGL MeetUp (GDC 2012?), I recall seeing that BlackBerry supports WebGL. I’m just not sure how good their WebGL support is. We have not tested Cesium on it.

In the broader world of mobile, WebGL support in Chrome on Android is now very good. See https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/cesium-dev/android/cesium-dev/Nhx1bIK5mvc/d5_-qFfphywJ