Device list support


Is there a list of devices that are supported by Cesium viewer, to have a look? I searched on the website but I did not find anything related.



Cesium can be run on any device with a browser that has WebGL support (Chrome, Firefox, IE11, Safari).

This includes desktops, tablets and mobile devices.



Hi Hannah,

Thank you very much for your reply. I have tested it in two different devices:

1.Lenovo A850 with Chrome 48.0.2564.95 and Android 4.2.2
2.Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with Chrome 48.0.2564.95 and Android 4.4.2

Both support WebGL, but in Samsung Galaxy Tab an error message appears stating that Cesium cannot be initialized.

Try running the CesiumViewer hosted on the Cesium website from your tablet to see if that works:
If not, can you post what the error message says? That tablet should be able to run Cesium.



I tried to run the CesiumViewer that is hosted on the official website but the problem remains. Below is the log file from the browser console: