Cesium in Chrome for Android..

As I’m sure many of you know, yesterday Google released a new beta version of Chrome for Android. The biggest feature by far is the introduction of the (new to mobile) chrome://flags page which allows you to turn on WebGL in addition to a plethora of other settings.

I just tried running our Cesium demos on an ASUS Transformer (Tegra 3 chip) and I’m happy to report that Cesium works beautifully and is 7-10 times faster than Firefox Beta on the same device (20fps in empty Cesium Viewer versus 3fps on Firefox). It’s still not perfect (imagery cracks for example), but this is a big step forward.

WebGL support is still spotty from device to device(for example my HTC EVO 4G LTE still can’t run Cesium), but I can’t help but get excited about mobile WebGL/Cesium in the coming months.


I hope I can see Cesium on my HTC One S soon ! (not working as of today with chrome beta)



Victor, did you try the website, or head of master? Because Kevin Ring put a fix in today that should make your phone work in master (but we haven’t pushed the web site yet). My HTC 4G EVO LTE is almost identical to the One S and it didn’t work until today. See https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/pull/485 for details.

I can’t believe this ! You guys are amazing. Do you have on online master somewhere to try ? Thanks.