Cesium on Android

I am thrilled to announce that as of pull request #1162, Chrome for Android passes all unit tests on the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Adreno 320 chip) and most likely on many other devices.

Previously, Cesium would render at a much lower resolution on mobile devices, which caused failing tests and a pixelated globe. We now take advantage of the full resolution of mobile devices. Originally, I assumed that decoupling the canvas dimensions from drawing dimensions would fix some, but not all, of the tests; but Google has done a phenomenal job with WebGL on Android and they now all pass with flying colors. A huge thanks to first time contributor, balefrost, for this change.

I’m sure we will still encounter mobile issues on a per-app basis, and as hard as we try, our unit tests can’t cover every possibility; but things are now in much better shape and the future of Cesium on mobile is very bright indeed.

For those of you that use our official releases, the above change will be in the next release (October 1st).