Is there any Android SDK for cesium JS

I would really like to know if cesium has any SDK for android devices. Running cesium in a Webview (especially in older devices) causes my app to crash. Hello world example barely withstands, but the interpolation example gives me the following error.

vertex texture fetch support is required to render polylines

I would really like some tips as I want to develop cesium in the android environment.

Does loading the Cesium examples in a browser on the same Android device give you the same issues? What type of device and OS version are you running?

@omar I was checking the feasibility of using Cesium JS for my next android project. As a result, I had done my testing on a low grade tablet(512 MB RAM). As you know, as there is no native implementation for android, I had to run it on the android webView. However doing so, really increased the load on the app (obvious when using Webgl on Android).

Hello world example barely runs, but the interpolation example causes gives me the error I had mentioned above in the question. Furthermore, my project would require the rendering of a 3D terrain, along with the rendering of a few a few aircraft models just as given in the interpolation example.

I’d really like to know if there is any workaround for Cesium JS on android, or if there is any way to know the minimum hardware specifications for webgl to run smoothly on android devices, so that I can exclude unsupported devices or implement a workaround on such devices.
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I’m curious to hear if you’re getting the same result running it in a web view as just opening those examples directly in the browser on the Android device, just to rule out that there’s any extra overhead with the web view.

It does seem a bit slow on the webview compared to opening it in browsers like chrome. However I think tweaking with the cache settings, and adjusting other variables might just speed things up. However I think the problem lies on the graphics end of the user’s device.

I really could not find the minimum hardware requirements needed to run cesium JS (the only specification I have seen so far is that the webView should support WebGL). However, personally I don’t think this is not the case, as even though the the webView do support WebGL, performance mainly does differ on different devices.

Specifications of webgl on my Desktop browser

Specifications of webgl on my low end android browser

As you see the capabilities do differ across devices. I would really like to know the minimum requirements for running cesium smoothly, for my use case(mentioned in previous post) on low end android device webViews (latest phones might not have a problem). Is there any way to increase performance on such low spec devices.

Viewing my terrain from the android WebView (low spec device) does seem to kind of create a sort of black hole( maybe a portal :grin:).


Is there any way to fix this…