Create Cesium Android Apps with Cordova

Hello everyone,

If you have any interest in building a mobile Android Cesium app check out this blog post to get started.

Thanks, and let us know what you create!

  • Tom Ped

Hello Tom

First of all, thanks for the useful tutorial,

I have build the simplest app according to your tutorial, but I met problem when running the emulator in my computer.

Can this be fixed?

Thanks again.

在 2016年5月20日星期五 UTC+8下午10:25:48,Tom Ped写道:

Hi Chris,

I never actually ran the Cordova application on an emulator; I built an apk and installed it directly on my phone. However, this error might be fixed by adding this line into your config.xml file . This will wait to throw an error to make sure everything is loaded. Give this a try and let me know, if not I will try running the emulator as well.


Tom Ped

Hi Tom,

Currently im working on a project using Cesium and Cordova, i tried your example project ( but i have a problem when make the test in my device

"Error constructing CesiumWidget. runtimeError: The browser supports WebGL, but initialization failed. Error at new t (files:///andorid_asset/www/Cesium/Cesium.js:424:15632) ..."

How it could be fixed?

Thanks Tom,

Sorry for my late reply. After asking this question, I tried to debug the app on my cell phone using Chrome remote debugging, and it works well.

I didn’t do as you said, but thanks anyway.


在 2016年6月7日星期二 UTC+8下午10:43:37,Tom Ped写道:

Hi Tom, Which line in config.xml you were referring to? Looks like you forgot to add it to comment.