Cesium - browser compatibility matrix

We just updated cesium to v24, and we’ve been having some issues running cesium with in FireFox. I suspect the issues are due to our companies security disabling webgl and locking the configuration( there’s the webgl.force-enabled setting that we’ve been setting ). I checked around the cesium webpage for a compatibility matrix, but didn’t see one. Does a table with the supported browsers and version number exist anywhere?



Hi Scott,

Cesium should be able to run on any browser that has WebGL support. Chrome and Firefox have had WebGL support for a while, I’m not sure which version it started with.

WebGL was introduced to IE in IE11 (Edge is also supported), and I think Safari added support in Safari 8 or 9.

You can go to http://webglreport.com/ to see if WebGL is working correctly in your browser.



The computers that are having a problem are on a closed network, so we can browse on the internet. :frowning: We just updated to Cesium v24, and we started having issues with our Cesium application which seemed to be related to webgl initialization. I was just wondering if there were any known issues, or if there was any minimum version number for either FF or Chrome. From the sounds of it, just about any version of either should work from the last several years, so the problem must be elsewhere.

Thanks, Scott

Ah, okay. Sorry I don’t know of any issues. 1.24 was mostly a bug fix release, I can’t think of any changes that were WebGL related.
What version of Cesium were you using before? Are there any error messages that appear on the screen or in the console?


Oh also, have you tried clearing the browser cookies and cache? Sometimes that causes weirdness when switching versions.


The source for the webglreport page is up on github. Link is on the webglreport page. If you're going to be testing different hardware on your isolated network, you might want to consider pulling down the source for the page, scan and sneaker net it over to your isolated network, and host it on the same machine serving your cesium page.

I had issues with flakey performance and used the diagnostics from how webglreport pokes at your browser and gpu to determine the root cause was a rather anemic GPU...

On another network it was a rather obscure IA/IT security policy someone pushed to the browsers to turn webgl support off. Recent browser build, but crippled by an unannounced security pivot. Wasted a good 6 hrs chasing my tail thinking I'd broken something :frowning:

I find having a local webglreport web page as valuable as the sandcastle environment.

Just a thought.


We have had the same issues. It seems that if the video driver crashes when webgl is being displayed in firefox, it decides to disable webgl. Haven’t had time to nail it down, but we do a full reset of the browser and it works fine. Hamburger --> Help --> Troubleshooting Information --> Refresh Firefox