Cesium can not load data resources caused by "net::ERR_FAILED" error in Google Chrome


since yesterday my Chrome browser (version 50.0 (64bit)) can not properly show the Cesium Viewer anymore. The prolems are:

First, the Cesium default base map "Bing Maps Aerial" can not be loaded into Cesium, a lot of error messages were printed in the console window like:
"loadWithXhr.js:176 GET http://ecn.t0.tiles.virtualearth.net/tiles/a020.jpeg?g=5169 net::ERR_FAILED".

Second, the similar errors occrrred while loading KML/KMZ files regardless if they are from the same domain or not.

But, everything works fine in FireFox.

Has anyone run into the same problem and had a good solution for that?

many thanks in advance,


Hello Zhihang,

I just updated chrome and I am not seeing this problem. Try clearing your cookies or to see if that fixes the problem. It’s likely a cache problem.

If not, are there any more specific error message that appear in the console?



Hello Hannah,

thank you very much for your quick response.

I've cleared the cache and cookies in my Chrome, even reinstalled the Chrome several times. But the problem still appears. The console window didn't show any further useful information.



Can you open this link directly in your browser?


If that URL does not work, then your problem is a network connectivity problem that is unrelated to Cesium.


the network connectivity works good on my machine. I'm also able to directly open the map image in a chrome tab window via the link. But in Cesium Viewer, the image can not be loaded.

It is interesting that some other image providers like "OpenStreetMap" and "Natual Earth" can also be loaded and displayed on Cesium Viewer.

Did you ever get this resolved Zhihang? I'm seeing similar behavior. Everything is fine in Firefox, but chrome won't give me maps, no errors, nada....

I've also uninstalled and re-installed chrome, installed canary, etc etc.