cesium crashes if the polyline has more than around 170 points

Hi, I have found a bug, the problem i am facing is when the polyline get more points around 160 to 170, cesium start crashing with error unknown x bla bla.. can anyone of you figured it out that whether the problem exists?

Looking forward to hear.

The problem exists for both geojson and programmatically pushing points

170 points is trivial for Cesium to handle. Can you post your code or the sample geojson file you are using?

http://users.aalto.fi/~hassanm1/cesium/data.zip you can find the data and geojson file here, data is only for testing

one other thing might interest, may be the problem is when the poly line represents a circle. If the points are representing a circle and i need to draw the poly line to get the shape of circle then it crashes, it works fine for the straight lines, the feature collection object in the json file is the collection of geometry that you need to plot

Can you make a Sandcastle snippet demoing this happening?