Cesium, custom font in label

Is there a way to use a custom font in a label? Tried adding it to css files in the cesium library but it never works and reverts to a stock serif font. How can I make this work?

You can use web fonts in labels as you normally would in CSS. There is no need to modify the CSS files in Cesium. Instead, just add the font-face declarations to your own CSS in your application, so that the font is loaded, and then you can use the web font in the value you specify for “font”, using normal CSS syntax.

Hello Scott,
I tried your solution but it didn’t work. Can you please please give an example with code?

See the ‘set font’ part of this demo: http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Apps/Sandcastle/index.html?src=Labels.html&label=Showcases