Cesium label and external font file

cesium import external .otf file,label cannot show right content by using the font file

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We will need more information from you to understand the issue. Is the external font style you’re importing not being applied properly to the label? Or is the label not showing up at all? A screenshot or a Sandcastle code example will be very helpful for us to understand the issue.

the label can show but the label text just show the code like ‘A’ rather than the symbol which represents the ‘A’ in the font file

How are you currently loading the fonts?

There have been some discussions on loading external fonts in Cesium, which you can check out here:

You can also try to use another font format, such as woff, which has more browser support. You can read more about this here:

use the .otf file which is loading in the css
@font-face {

        font-family: 'myFont';

        src: url('./data/test.otf')