[cesium-dev] Drag/Drop a with viewerDragDropMixin clearOnDrop false is still clearing all my entity 3D shapes

The second parameter to extend is an options object, not a simple boolean. The code should be:

viewer.extend(Cesium.viewerDragDropMixin, {

clearOnDrop : false


Let us know if that doesn’t work.

I’m glad people are already making good use of KML, but I can’t take all of the credit; it was a team effort. Thanks.

Thanks for the answer about clearOnDrop. I'd like to make an update now to clear the entities from a previously dropped kml when I drop a new kml but to leave any other 3D entities active in the scene.
Is there a way to get the list of entities added during a kml drop and an add a function to be called at the start of a drop event to clear previously dropped entities?