Cesium does not works in Safari

I am trying to open any of the Sandcastle examples in Safari but none works as it shoud.
All of them freezes, and do about 1 frame each 10-20 seconds. This is on 24 core xeon, with 64 gb ram and gtx 1080 Ti.

Link to the Sandcastle?

It does not work with ANY Cesium project.
It does not work with ANY Sandcastle project.

It just freeze on ANYTHING Cesium doing 2 frames per minute or so.

Note that it works on iOS, but not on the desktops Macs - MacOS based.
Tried with 8 different MacOS version to be sure, and different Safari versions on 5 different hardware configurations - on all of them same result - the Cesium based project just stuck and freeze.

Hello @Yordan_Yanakiev1,

We have a number of mac developers on our team that are able to run Cesium in Safari. I would start by checking the following:

  • Are your graphics drivers up to date on these devices?
  • Is safari up to date?
  • Does Cesium work in Chrome on these devices?
  • What are the results from https://webglreport.com/ from Safari? Are they different than Chrome?


Cesium Staff

This is on Big Sur, with latest update. Anyway on Catalina or anything of the lions - there is no difference.

How about your network settings? All works perfectly for me on MacBook Pro 2015, Big Sur. I mean router or provider (transfer limits, network monitoring on-line programs etc.)

Hey Maciej !
Well… I am on 1 GBit optic here. the download is pretty stable 100-120 Mb/s. None limits or firewalls… :expressionless:

Hi Yordan!
I believe you may have rather some internet infrastructure problem (not hardware layer if you have 1GB on your speedtest.net test) - looking at what you mentioned.
Take your Mac outside the office or connect without VPN - this is my advise…
Try via mobile access point etc.
Best, M.

Hey Maciej !
ASAP I go to the office will try it and report it ! :slight_smile: Thank You !

Well. this doesn’t seems to help. Tried on 4 different internet providers - same result.
The worst of all - I’ve decided to put my app on the production server and it became a nightmare.
It turns out that more than 80% of the users can’t run cesium normally ( about 250 peoples is affected ).
I am preparing full hardware and software spec of the pc’s to which I have provided access, and will post it back.

@Yordan_Yanakiev1 can you confirm this is only a problem in Safari? Does Cesium work on the same Macbook in another browser like Chrome?

Hello Hannah !
Well Yep. Seems like it is the same on Chrome.
At least on me. But this now seems less important, since most of my users having serious performance issues on Windows.

@Yordan_Yanakiev1 sorry, I haven’t been able to reproduce any performance issues, and I don’t see anything unusual in your webglreport.
Do you also have problems loading our basic CesiumViewer example? Cesium Viewer

Here a screenshot of one of the computers which is performing … at least opening Cesium.

This is the basic example on your site. It opens jus the globe.
The PC lag beyound anything, the framerate goes about 3-5 frames/second.
If I try to open any other “more complex” demo - the PC freeze completely for at least 5-10 seconds.
This is the case which I am observing on more than 50 PC’s with similar specs.
Anyway there is about at least 100 of the clients with worse specs. There is impossible even to open the example without complete freeze of the browses and the PC.
Practically it turns out that only on about 5% of the computers of the clients cesium runs good, and it does not run at any MAC.
I will start posting screenshots from them as well.
I will make videos as well.
Just tell me what You need to solve this issue.
I can even provide You teamview to some of the problematic PC’s, or anything else which is needed.
I am ready to fully cooperate for anything which will help me solving this issue.

Yordan, Another solution: try to use VPN and go through e.g. US based server or Poland/Warsaw - I am using e.g. SurfShark on Mac and other iOS devices. In my opinion the problem is related to the network operations. But… you wrote that your customers are accessing your application. It is located on CESIUM server? What logic / configuration you are using? Where are data, where tiles etc.

Nothing related to VPN. I have brought my 3 laptops and tablet in the same networks as the MAC’s and they dont have issue.
Cesium having serious issues on Mac’s and not highly pumped PC’s.