Cesium-engine jest setup

Should be easy but i cannot get mine working. Somebody has a good Cesium engine jest setup?
Bonus points for it using typescript :smiley:

in case anyone is trying jest.config

module.exports = {
  testEnvironment: 'node',
  preset: "ts-jest/presets/default-esm", // or other ESM presets,
  moduleNameMapper: {
    "^(\\.{1,2}/.*)\\.js$": "$1"
  extensionsToTreatAsEsm: [".ts"],
  transform: {
    // '^.+\\.[tj]sx?$' to process js/ts with `ts-jest`
    // '^.+\\.m?[tj]sx?$' to process js/ts/mjs/mts with `ts-jest`
    "^.+\\.tsx?$": [
        "useESM": true