Cesium for Unreal 5

Any idea when a version with UE5 compatiability will be made please?

Hi Charles,

The latest on this can be viewed here https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium-unreal/issues/463. You can also see the status of other issues involving UE5 by searching in the github repository - https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium-unreal/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+ue5

I don’t have an update on the timeline right now, but recently some new issues have been created to track specific features that are being worked on.

Hi @Charles_Fraser and @agallegos ,

Actually the latest progress for UE5 support is in this pull request. It should compile against the main UE5 branch as it was at the time the PR was made. Note however that it is incompatible with UE5 Early Access due to backward-incompatible changes made in UE5 since then. This means you will have to build the engine from source.

Once Epic releases binaries for UE5 Preview 1 however, we will be immediately adding UE5 support on the marketplace itself. We recommend waiting until then to avoid having to compile everything from source.

-Nithin Pranesh

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With Preview 1 out now, is there any ETA for support?

Hi all,

The latest release of Cesium for Unreal (1.11.0) now includes preliminary support for UE5! If you’d like to try it out, download CesiumForUnreal-500p1-windows-v1.11.0.zip from this release. Bear in mind that this is a preview build and you may encounter bugs.
If you do encounter problems, please search the forum and Github issues to see if anyone else has reported that issue. If not, let us know on the forum or by creating a new issue. Include “UE5” in the title to help us find issues.

Thanks for using Cesium for Unreal!


Thank you! I’m so glad your platform has finally made it into UE5.
Do you have a preferred forum for discussing issues with the new plugin?
I’m having a few issues already

@UnrealVistas sorry to hear you’re having trouble! The Cesium for Unreal forum is the best place to discuss UE5 - please make a new post in this category with UE5 in the title, and we’ll take a look as soon as possible.

I have tried to build this github rep but it didn’t compile. Any advice would be great thank you

Hi @UnrealVistas,

Can you please post the steps you took before seeing this issue, and the error message(s) that you saw when you tried to compile?


Hi Is there any update about the plugin for UE5?

The version that worked on UE5 EA doesn’t work on the updated version.

Yes, a build for the final release of Unreal Engine 5 can be found here:

We’ve also submitted it for inclusion in the Unreal Engine Marketplace, but I imagine Epic has quite a backlog right now.


I saw there was macOS support for Unreal 4.27 but it looks like it’s not building for 5.x yet. I’m willing to help with getting it up and running, building releases, and testing if you like. I have access to an Intel MacBook Pro and an M1 MacBook Air.

Hi @jhclouse,

We expect the version of the plugin in ue5-main will build and run on macOS just fine. The only thing lacking at the moment is the time to set up the CI infrastructure to build it automatically, test it, and publish it to the Marketplace. These things are unfortunately made much more difficult by Apple’s rules around macOS virtual machines, i.e. we can’t just spin up an EC2 instance on AWS to run the macOS build like we can for every other platform.

We’ll get there eventually. In the meantime, you should be able to follow the developer instructions to build it for macOS yourself.


Is there a way to get Cesium to run in Unreal 5.1 Main currently?

Hi @Kevin_Ring we are currently on a very important project with a pressing timeline and would love to use Cesium to show our photogrammetry models - we have 2 issues here:

Using UE5.0.3 (no pixel streaming – everything local)

Priority one:
• making an exe with cesium enabled – has no output
• (we used a blank project – enabled cesium plugin - and no other input)
• (Works fine in UE4)

Do we need to enable any other Plugin for a successful export?

Priority two:
• We want to access tile sets that are stored locally (up to 60gb) (Path-> file:/// … ) but it doesn’t grab these
• (we followed the tutorials that also specifiy the right format for the path
• (path is working in UE4 – not UE5 - Grabbing from ION is working for UE4 and UE5 for us)

Are there similar problems around like these or any steps we should have a look on (besided the official documentation?)


Hi @Markus,

I just tried the following:

  1. Installed the latest version of Cesium for Unreal (v1.19.0) from the Epic Marketplace into UE 5.0.3.
  2. Created a new project with the “Blank” game template, including starter content.
  3. Went to Edit->Plugins and enabled the Cesium for Unreal plugin.
  4. Went to Platforms->Windows and changed the Binary Configuration to Shipping
  5. Ran Platforms->Windows->Package Project
  6. Chose an output directory outside the project’s directory.

When the build completed, I ran it and the starter content appeared fine. Does this differ in any way from what you’re doing? I did this on Windows 11 FWIW.

To test local tilesets, I also did the following:

  1. Cloned the CesiumJS repo from github: “git clone git@github.com:CesiumGS/cesium.git” to get some local tilesets.
  2. In the UE5.0.3 Editor in the same project I created above, clicked the “Blank 3D Tiles Tileset” button in the Cesium UI.
  3. Switched the tileset’s Source to “From Url”
  4. Entered the URL of the local tileset in the Url box: file:///C:/cesium/cesium/Apps/SampleData/Cesium3DTiles/Tilesets/Tileset/tileset.json
  5. Double-clicked on the Tileset Actor to zoom to it.

The local tile data appeared just fine.

I then tried the following.

  1. With the view on the local tileset, I clicked on the CesiumGeoreference and chose “Place Georeference Origin Here”
  2. Clicked on the “Player Start”, right-clicked and chose “Snap Object to View”
  3. Ran Platforms->Windows->Package Project again

The tileset appeared in the built game as well.

Again, I’m on Windows. File URLs don’t work on any platform other than Windows due to a limitation in Unreal’s HttpManager. This is true in both UE4 and UE5. If you need local data on other platforms, you’ll unfortunately need to run a local web server.