Cesium for Unreal roadmap

Hi, does Cesium for Unreal support i3dm, pnts or webp image in the future?

Can you provider a roadmap?


Hi @venus - This is on the roadmap, feel free to chime in one the issue.

Hi, thanks for the infomation.

Sorry for my ambiguous question.

Could you provider the roadmap for the entire plugin, similar to CesiumJS, not just the non-b3dm tile payloads? @Shehzan_Mohammed

Hi Venus - We’ll be setting up a project board on GitHub over the next week or so that you should be able to track.

OK, thank you. @Shehzan_Mohammed

Hey, I’m a little confused, do you have a project board set up on Github? I don’t see one.

Hello @venus ,

Here is our current project board: Cesium for Unreal · GitHub

I don’t know if we had it linked anywhere, I will bring it up with the team to put the link somewhere readily accessible for people interested in keeping up with development.

Thanks for your interest!

Thank you @Nithin_Pranesh , that is what I want