Cesium Hello World Dosen't work

     I have used Cesium for a long time. But one week ago. My application does't work. It cannot load the Cesium earth. The content in the <div> tag is white blank.
     Then I went go load the Cesium Hello World (https://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Apps/HelloWorld.html). It shows the same problem too.
      I uninstalled the chrome on my Mac and reinstall it. There isn't any difference.
      In addition, there is something strange. The same application(code) works well on FireFox.
      Is anyone come across this issue too?
      I am appreciate that if anyone can help me to solve it.


Have you tried clearing your cache/cookies? Sometimes that causes weird interactions when a new version of Cesium is introduced.



Hi Hannah
    I have tried that for many times, but nothing changed. So wired about this browser.


Are there any errors in the console?


Hi Hannah
    There isn't any errors in the console. I wonder if the Mac OS system is the problem