Cesium in 2013 - Contributors


In early 2011, Cesium grew out of the needs of AGI and its customers to have a thin-client cross-platform virtual globe. At first it was just me, but it wasn’t long before Kristian, and then Dan joined. Meanwhile Scott was helping with my sad excuse for a build script. Soon, a lot of folks at AGI decided that working on Cesium was in everyone’s best interest, and, well, things became awesome. Now that Cesium is open source, AGIers are not the only developers. In addition, there are CLAs from four corporations and individuals, with two more interested (however legal barriers are painful). In addition to AGI, Chris and Victor have made some nice core contributions.

This coming year, I’m looking forward to:

  • More contributors, of course, especially working with the OpenLayers developers to benefit both projects.
  • Making sure all contributors get recognized. In particular, I plan to add a contributors page to the website and encourage everyone to blog and present.
  • Continuing to design and develop transparently so everyone knows they are part of the team (more here).
  • Continuing to recognize that contributes don’t just include code; everything from documentation to test cases to examples are welcome.
  • Keeping the Contributor’s Guide concise and relevant.
  • Investigating Developer Certificate Of Origin as a lower barrier to entry than CLAs.
  • Working with programs like Google Summer of Code, Google Code-in, and ESA Summer of Code. Discussions to follow on project ideas. I expect several Cesium submissions.
  • Finding a way to get my students involved without requiring it, which would be questionable ethically. I toyed around with the idea of a hackathon to write materials.
  • Holding a hackathon. This year, we had a blast at an AGI hackathon, which lead to some Cesium features and hopefully more to come.

Looking forward to feedback and more ideas.