Cesium in small frame // attribution text scaling

Does any have any suggestions on how I can better scale the attribution text when we're using a small frame to display Cesium content?

Example: http://pasteboard.co/lbBEZ7s.png

There are 2 options I can think of quickly, both involve CSS:

  • Adjust the font-size
  • Make the credits contain absolute positioned and move elsewhere in your app, maybe as a caption.
    Here is the current CSS for the credit window highlighted with the property you would need to change for each option.

.cesium-viewer .cesium-widget-credits {
position: absolute;
bottom: auto;
left: auto;

font-size: 10px;



You can also use media query to detect with the browser window is small. There are a lot of tutorials and such out on the web, but here is a good starting place https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/CSS/Media_queries