Modify credits position

Hi Cesium forums!

I’ve been trying to look for other threads covering how to move the position of the credits / attribution text when using Cesium for Unreal, but unfortunately I couldn’t find anything so far - so apologies if this has already been covered and I just couldn’t find it. My question regarding this topic would be if it’s possible to move those credits around? They currently show at the bottom left corner of the screen, and I’d like to have them in a different place (upper right corner in my case).

Would that be possible to do, and what would I need to tweak in order to make it possible? I imagine that the Credits are being handled by the Cesium Credit System BP, which references the Screen Credits widget, but I couldn’t find anything in those two objects that allowed me to change their position.

Thanks in advance for reading this post :slight_smile:

You’ll want to edit the ScreenCredits Widget Blueprint.

Thanks for that @Kevin_Ring. I checked the ScreenCredits Widget Blueprint before asking this question, and I couldn’t see any controls there that allowed me to move its position - in fact, the Event and Construction graphs of both that widget and the Cesium Credit System blueprint were empty. How would I need to edit the ScreenCredits widget to show the text somewhere else? Would it be just a matter of reconfiguring the widget and moving the position of the RichTextOnScreen variable somewhere else?

Yep, just move the widgets.