Cesium ION interface is becoming painfully slow

Hi Cesium,

We have several thousand point clouds on the Cesium ION platform. Some of the issues we are facing are:

  • I’m not aware of a way to categorize the data into folders (directories) for assets. Thousands of files appear in a single list and it is difficult to scroll through to find one of interest. Is there a way to create directories to organize assets?

  • With a large number of files on the ION (thousands in our case) the Cesium UI in the list view has become almost unresponsive for large periods of time. I have to just sit back and see it trying to load the names of all assets. It is really painful and gotten to a point that has become almost unusable - as it happens on every small activity, or view / tab change on the Cesium ION platform. Please do something here.

I look forward to your always helpful suggestions.



Thanks for reaching out, we’re aware of sluggish user interface performance issues for Ion accounts with a large number of assets. We’re working on a redesign / fixes for unresponsiveness and plan on pushing out that update sometime this quarter.

Thanks. I look forward to that.


Thank you for your post! We just added two new updates to Cesium ion that should address some of the issues that you are facing. Check out this community forum thread for more information.


Hi Sam,

Thanks so much. I really appreciate that. Both of these options are very helpful. The loading of assets is now really fast. And, that has made life really easy. Thanks again!

Does Cesium have plans to add a facility for having a folder structure to view assets?